Personalized healthcare solutions
through scientific analysis and big data
Health examination and Report
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Personal health examination
Compared to general paid/free health examination, Basic tests that consists of more 125 check lists including blood, hair, urine, etc. are conducted to help you check your health condition 
more accurately. The examination results show a variety of health care information, including customized recommended nutrients, suggestion symptoms, lifestyle, wellness care food, and health supplements.
Analysis results based on
big data
Care Food (Foods, Health supplements)
Personalized report (Wellness Report) 
Life style care
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Company health examination
The company can carry out welfare seiveces using wellness report that Nutirtioncout provides 
over the results whether you have disease or not to prevent diseases. 
It will help your company increase work efficiency long term business competitiveness.
Company health examination is a group-oriented service that can be used by companies, institutions, organizations, etc.  
Analysis results based on
big data
Health promotion
for staffs
Increase work effeciency and competitiveness
Wellness report
We offer a prevention centered personalized report through the big data analysis coming from more than 20 years accumulated clinical results.
You can check suggestion symptoms, lifestyle, health supplements recommendation and a wide range of healthcare information.  
Reliability based on 20-year cumulative clinical data
Accuracy based on big data algorithm
Prevention oriented
health care
Personalized wellness report
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Wellness care algorithm

We provide Wellness reports and related data that shows the results of customer's clinic exmination based on big data analysis algorithm.
With 520 examination items and 120 examination results through cause analysis algorithm, expected health abnormalities can be analyzed, preventive-oriented health care information is provided to contribute to the improvement of the user's health.
Analysis algorithm that has been developed based on 20 years of clinical data can be offering reliable result and improved accuarcy based on big data.
It has also been recognized for its technical skills through U.S. patents and partners.
Nutritioncourt's algorithm can create positive synergy by converging with all areas of the biology and health industry related to health.

Wellness care food
We provide customized care food service based on examination results.
We offer food information based on food treatment data from confidential institution accumulated for more than 20 years to improve your health.
Care food will be served with recipes, ingredients, drinks, and HMR.
Health supplements
We recommend customized health supplements based on the results of clinic examinations. 
You can check recommended health supplements service that fills individuals lack of nutrients and how to take it through the reports.