DATA Algorithm

Nutritioncourt Co., Ltd. is developing various data algorithm 
to promote your health. The goal is to provide customized healthcare services according to individual health conditions through analysis of algorithms for health-related information such as medical care, examination, and lifestyle of users.

​Personalized wellness care Algorithms
 based on Big Data
Big Data

We make information of your health that is compiled in real time by affiliate's mobile, wearable devices into big data. 
Wellness care service will be an axis of Nutritioncourt's business model. 

Wellness care Food

We're developing a disease preventive solution research that 
makes you take wellness care foods that fill individuals lack of nutrient for your health improvement.
We are planning to provide recipes of nutrients suitable for users' health conditions through scientific inspection and analysis, and we are developing products that can be taken in the form of food and beverages, and continuous purchases will also occur trough the excellent effects of users and simplification of production and distribution processes leading to cost reduction and convenience.